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  • Tango Liso

Tango Shoes

Very Tango

Very Tango was created by Eran Braverman to be one of the premier sites for tango information. Meticulous care has gone into every one of the articles contained therein, often with hundreds of cross-reference checks against other sources to ensure completeness and accuracy. This website, whose focus is the immense beauty, sensuality and richness of tango, is indeed a huge labor of love!

An immense thank you must go to every one of our readers who have read and enjoyed Very Tango, particularly those who have written to express some very kind words of encouragement. Interestingly, what began as an unknown website getting almost no hits, has now grown to 15,000 visitors a month (at Dec 2011) and growing.

In the words of one of our readers:
In the short time I have been learning about tango, I have checked every site on the internet that I can find, and this site is in a class by itself. I cannot imagine the many hundreds of hours it must have taken to create and to maintain this exceptional library of information. It has been less than a year since I started my journey to learn Argentine tango, and I can say from experience that Naomi Hotta's quote, "...In seven out of ten cases it takes over a person's life", has a lot of truth. All the other dances that I have enjoyed learning are fun to do and very alluring, but Argentine tango truly gets into the blood and the heart and the mind, and becomes part of the fabric of a person's life. This is a lifelong journey I am looking forward to.
- David

Tango Shoes

When the tango took hold of me, it was as if I had found the ultimate lover. No single experience can be as fascinating as this dance. No single work of art is so replete with all the joy and sorrow and longing and tragi-comedy of the human race, as is a tango danced between a man and a woman. It is labyrinthine, yet so simple. Each lasts just a few moments, yet it is eternal. There is a purity amidst all its complexities. The more one searches for the meaning behind its mystery, the ever more elusive is the tango... And yet, it is what it is, and we can see it, hear it, feel it, breathe it, live it, in the pleasure of its immediacy. Those of us it holds in its power - we want to shape our whole lives around it, its cadences, its sweat, its subtle messages and surging desires. The tango changes us forever. It changed me forever. Never have I been so intensely in love. Never had I felt so intensely alive. It helps me forget. And it helps me remember sweetly. - La Nuit Blanche:

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