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LYRICS: Augusto Gentile
MUSIC: Augusto Gentile

¡Déjeme que la acompañe,
ricurita, vida mía,
no desprecie mi querer!
Aquel hombre me decía
así un día y otro día
al pasar por el taller;
sola y triste con mi anhelo,
un amor ambicionaba
que me diera su consuelo;
aquel hombre fue el primero
que un cariño me brindara
con el lujo y el dinero.

Tango Shoes

Tango is danced closely. Sometimes even very close. It certainly looks very intimate. But not necessarily should be. Dancers, especially men, should not abuse the intimacy. A woman is a queen, and should be respected as such. For a man, it is most important to respect and protect, and even follow his partner... Gentlemen, it is not good to drag your partner, even if she is a beginner. YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR PARTNER, EVEN IF SHE DANCES WRONG!!! Yes, leaders must follow. That is the greatest paradox of a good dancer - men are leaders, but they follow women. That is a woman who defines the style of dancing, distance, intimacy, speed, and rhythm. You do not agree? Then you will never be a good dancer with whom every woman would love to dance. This and only this defines who is the best dancer in Argentine Tango. -Igor Polk

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