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LYRICS: J. Iglesias
MUSIC: A. Gatti

Peinando plata en el coco
hablas del tango malevo
como diciendo que el nuevo
pa vos no vale un piropo
y yo porteño de ahora
de acuerdo a mi sentimiento
voy a cantar como siento
al tango en mi corazón

El tango es el tango
no hay vuelta que darle
con cuello o pañuelo
lo mismo es gotan
el traje no dice
la estirpe del rango
ni el gesto guarango
pinta de arrabal.

El tango es el tango
por más que le pongan
ribetes compadres
o cintas de amor
El tango es el tango
si tiene milonga
no importa que sea
de ayer o de hoy.

Tango Shoes

Let me tell you about tango... it is the best metaphor for the perfect, functional relationship ever! Both the leader and the follower are strong, in different ways. As the follower, my focus is on my partner's chest. I'm responding to the energy and the intention he projects with that part of his body. His focus is behind me, steering me safely around traffic in the line of dance. I have to surrender to him and trust that he is making the right choices, because he can see what I cannot. My job is just to take the next step. Quite literally, I put my head in his heart. -Ria Sharon

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