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LYRICS: Álvaro Carrillo
MUSIC: Álvaro Carrillo

Yo que fui del amor "ave de paso"
yo que fui mariposa de mil flores,
hoy siento la nostalgia de tus brazos,
de aquellos tus ojazos...
de aquellos tus amores.

Ni cadenas ni lagrimas me ataron,
mas hoy siento la calma y el sociego;
perdona mi tardanza, te lo ruego,
perdona al andariego
que hoy te ofrece el corazon.

Hay ausencias que triunfan
y la nuestra triunfo,
amemonos ahora con la paz
que en otros tiempos nos falto.

Y cuando yo me muera,
ni luz, ni llanto, ni luto
ni nada mas...
Ay! junto a mi cruz,
tan solo quiero paz...

Tango Shoes

I think there always has to be an evolving development of any art form, because society is changing. First one has to cultivate the roots so that later you can give it your own evolution criteria, which is what sometimes doesn't happen because they start off directly with what is new tango. That's why people often aren't aware of what is a milonga-style or salon-style tango, or canyengue, the same as they don't have any idea if it's D'Agostino playing or Pugliese or D'Arienzo. The essence is lost if one doesn't have the basic grounding, and then it turns into something hollow, empty, going beyond the development they want to make. -Horacio Godoy

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