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LYRICS: Enrique Santos Discépolo
MUSIC: Enrique Santos Discépolo

Sola, fané descangayada,
la vi esta madrugada
salir de un cabaret;
flaca, dos cuartas de cogote,
y una percha en el escote
bajo la nuez.
Chueca, vestida de pebeta,
teñida y coqueteando
su desnudez...
Parecía un gallo desplumao,
mostrando al compadrear
el cuero picoteao...
yo que se cuando no aguanto mas,
al verla así rajé,
pa' no llorar...

Y pensar que hace diez años
fue mi locura!
que llegué hasta la traición
por su hermosura!...
que esto que hoy es un cascajo
fue la dulce metedura
donde yo perdí el honor;
Que chiflao por su belleza
le quité el pan a la vieja
me hice ruin y pechador...
Que quedé sin un amigo
que viví de mala fe
que me tuvo de rodillas
sin Moral, hecho un mendigo,
cuando se fue.

Nunca crei que la veria
en un "requiescat in pache"
tan cruel como el de hoy
mire, si no es pa' suicidarse
que por este cachivache
sea lo que soy...
Fiera venganza la del tiempo
que le hace ver deshecho
lo que uno amó...
y este encuentro me ha hecho tanto mal,
que si lo pienso mas,
termino envenenao.
Esta noche me emborracho bien,
me mamo bien mamao!....
pa' no pensar.

Tango Shoes

From Carole McCurdy: After that tanda, I found that every man I danced with that evening had something beautiful to offer, no matter their postural eccentricites or limitations of technique. In fact, their eccentricities and limitations were something to be respected and accorded a value, something that added rich flavor to the dance. If my partner is stiff as a board, well, it means that we begin the tanda by doing the 'stiff as a board' tango, which can offer some very creative moments of shared comedy, playing close to the edge of being off-balance. Whee-ha-ha. Maybe by the end of the tanda our dance will have expanded into something more soft and flexible and grounded, maybe not. The cortina has its own great value, after all.
I left the milonga that night feeling thrilled and humbled. How sorely I had underestimated these 'bad dancers,' how foolishly I had cheated myself out of the deeper pleasures of connecting in the dance. It wan't somebody else's fat ego getting in the way of dancing, it was my own.
Astrid responds: It works both ways. The great advantage (and burden) that women have in dancing the tango is that it enables them to experience a hundred different worlds, by dancing with different men and, if they are sensitive and intuitive enough, for a while becoming that man's creation to certain extent, for better or for worse...
It also works the other way round. One of the best dancers has told me that he dances in a different way with every woman, because she inspires him to do certain moves.
And the total is then always more than just the sum of its parts. Wish that in real life we also had some music to guide us to follow each other's steps...

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