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LYRICS: Luis Riccardi
MUSIC: Luis Riccardi

En el fangal nació una flor
que algún cantor puso en su ojal,
del arrabal vino hasta aquí
para decir no soy el mal,
ya cantar voy con claridad
milonga soy, ¡para que mas!

La milonga, mi vida
es alegre y risueña,
es machaza y querida
la milonga porteña,
la milonga del campo
también tiene escondida,
en sus notas floridas
mil encantos de amor.

La milonga de ayer
que mi raza cantó,
y mi pueblo adoptó
con cariño y placer,
del arrabal se vino
con su cante y su donaire,
conquistando a Buenos Aires
con su ritmo sin igual

Tango Shoes

In tango, the relationship between lead and follower, man and woman, is so intense and all consuming, that there is simply no time for small talk. The last man I danced with, I know more intricately in many ways than his lover: I know that he perspires in a tiny spot above his brow; that when the dance slows and our connection is tight, his breathing almost stops; that when my leg sweeps his, he arches his neck imperceptibly upwards; that when another couple got too close he subconsciously enclosed me in a protective embrace; and that his hand rested so delicately on the flesh of my back. Yet all I know about him are his name and his country of origin. Small talk is a luxury not afforded to us tango addicts. - Anastasia Demaggio

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