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LA VIRUTA lyrics

LYRICS: Julian Porteño
MUSIC: Vicente Greco

Con la punta del zapato,
bailando asi,
tu nombre, prenda,
quiero escribir
sobre el encerado
de este salón,
al compas del tango.
Ni el tiempo lo va a borrar,
pues ha de quedar grabado
fiel en mi corazón,
porque la pasion
que se anida en el
es noble como tu varón.

Seguime en el vaiven
del tango embriagador,
viruta de placer,
canción de nuestro amor.
Seguime en el tanguear,
vibrando de ilusión,
tu cuerpo unido al mio,
corazón a corazón.

Tango Shoes

For reasons that escape me, many techies are drawn to tango. I often marveled at the way theyd analyze it and deconstruct it, oftentimes lamenting how difficult and technical a dance tango is. Being left-handed, or right-brain dominant, I didnt see its difficulty as technical at all. I saw it as childs play, a returning to an innocence we all have. You subtract your adult, or conditioned, Self and there you have it. Tango is ever-present. From the start, I felt it as a place of numinous presence more so than with any other dance. To relegate it to words is to defile it. - Camille Cusumano

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