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MENTIRA lyrics

LYRICS: Celedonio Esteban Flores
MUSIC: Francisco Pracanico

Vos sabes que fuiste para mi
la luz de mi cabeza alocada...
El porque de mi pobre vivir
que ayer alimentaste de amor...
!Muñequita de trapo
que yo adore santamente!...
!Y fingias quererme!...
!Mentira, mentira, no tienes perdon!

Me preguntan cuales son
las causas por que vos
quebraste mi felicidad...
Por que razon fatal
vos me causaste tanto mal...
No te vengo a mendigar
cariño que tal vez
a otro le entregaste
como a mi...
!Ni mi arrepentimiento
de haberte querido asi!...

Y pensar que yo te vi llorar
de amor, entre mis brazos de hombre...
Te escuche jurarme tu querer
por todo lo más grande que hay...
Por tu santa viejita
que Dios la tenga en la gloria.
!Y eran todas mentiras,
mentiras, mentiras de mala mujer!

Tango Shoes

Let me tell you about tango... it is the best metaphor for the perfect, functional relationship ever! Both the leader and the follower are strong, in different ways. As the follower, my focus is on my partner's chest. I'm responding to the energy and the intention he projects with that part of his body. His focus is behind me, steering me safely around traffic in the line of dance. I have to surrender to him and trust that he is making the right choices, because he can see what I cannot. My job is just to take the next step. Quite literally, I put my head in his heart. -Ria Sharon

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