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MUSIC: Tanturi

Con un pucho prepotente
acariciando sus labios,
el chambergo levantado,
muy porteño el caminar,
la mirada sobradora,
negra y revuelta melena,
mozo guapo del suburbio
con su pinta sin igual.

Canción entre las pebetas
por su verbo tan florido.
Terror entre los malevos
por su puñal cimbreador
varón de los empedrados
conocido en los balcones
derecho sin vuelta de hoja
con alma de payador

Tango Shoes

Tango is danced closely. Sometimes even very close. It certainly looks very intimate. But not necessarily should be. Dancers, especially men, should not abuse the intimacy. A woman is a queen, and should be respected as such. For a man, it is most important to respect and protect, and even follow his partner... Gentlemen, it is not good to drag your partner, even if she is a beginner. YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR PARTNER, EVEN IF SHE DANCES WRONG!!! Yes, leaders must follow. That is the greatest paradox of a good dancer - men are leaders, but they follow women. That is a woman who defines the style of dancing, distance, intimacy, speed, and rhythm. You do not agree? Then you will never be a good dancer with whom every woman would love to dance. This and only this defines who is the best dancer in Argentine Tango. -Igor Polk

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