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LYRICS: Arturo Gallucci
MUSIC: Velázquez

Yo soy de San Telmo y vengo
por estos barrios para dejar,
un verso para las madres
y mozas de mi ciudad.

Yo soy un cantor sincero,
sencillo y sentimental,
trabajo como el hornero
y canto como el zorzal.

Siempre supe respetar
al que hablo y trato conmigo,
en San Telmo me conocen
por cantor y buen amigo.

Si hay que calmar el dolor
del que vive padeciendo,
soy primero en la ocasión
para aliviar su corazón.

Tango Shoes

In tango, the relationship between lead and follower, man and woman, is so intense and all consuming, that there is simply no time for small talk. The last man I danced with, I know more intricately in many ways than his lover: I know that he perspires in a tiny spot above his brow; that when the dance slows and our connection is tight, his breathing almost stops; that when my leg sweeps his, he arches his neck imperceptibly upwards; that when another couple got too close he subconsciously enclosed me in a protective embrace; and that his hand rested so delicately on the flesh of my back. Yet all I know about him are his name and his country of origin. Small talk is a luxury not afforded to us tango addicts. - Anastasia Demaggio

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